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DEXA scan
the most accurate technology in the industry


With a simple 7-minute full-body DXA scan, find out you total body fat, visceral fat, bone health, muscle mass, risk for type-2 diabetes and more!
 Body Fat


Measure total body fat%, as well as fat in your legs, trunk, and arms. 

Bone Health

Discover your bone health and how you compare to others like you.

Muscle Mass

Measure and track any changes in your muscles and discover any muscle assymtries 

Visceral Fat

Discover the "bad fat" that surrounds your organs and linked to Type-2 Diabetes and Caridovascular Disease

Dexa Scan in Rhode Island



Using state-of-the-art machine learning artificial intelligence 


we calculate your expected longevity and personalized path to where you should be.

✔ Immediate access to our App

Our database of a million+ body composition, cardiorespiratory fitness, and metabolic health data points helps us truly understand what diets, exercises, and lifestyles get optimal results.

✔ Eat and move smarter

Discover better ways to eat, move, and live using AI insights from your DexaFit results.

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